Monday, November 14, 2011

Richly Rewarded!

Last week two friends of mine honored me with some bloggy love! They named me as one of their favorite blogs and passed on the Kreativ Blogger Award! Twice in the same week ~ a girl could blush! It really encouraged me to know they enjoy visiting my blogspot...cause I sure love visiting theirs!

Please stop by and say hi to Debbie at It's All About Purple and Barbara at Footprints in the Sand. Their friendship is reward enough for me!

Before I pass the love along to five of my favorite and creative bloggers, I've been asked to share a few things about myself you might not goes:

I love museums.
I enjoy card games,
and word games,
and crossword puzzles.
My thanksgiving dinner is my favorite thing to cook.
And eat.
I'm turning 51 on Thursday!

And to spread the love ~ Please go visit these wonderful women....all 'kreativ' in their own way:

Dianna @ These Days of Mine 
Kristi @ Breathe...Shine...Love... 
Nessa @ Moments & Impressions
Melanie @ Whimsical Creations
Adrienne @ AdrienneEats
{now it's their turn to share a few things about themselves, and pass the award along}

I hadn't ventured into this blogging community last year when I turned 50 ~ The friendships and discoveries that you've brought into my life this year are a continual, daily source of encouragement to me!!


  1. Aw, Adrienne, thank you SO much! I also enjoy those word puzzles!
    And if the week gets busy, and it slips my mind: HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Thursday!
    I'll start working on my "acceptance post" soon.

  2. You deserve the award! You are truly a beautiful and creative person! Happy early birthday!

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. woooohoooo!! this award was made for you!!

    loved your 7....we would be twins, except for those two pesky years (i'm 53).

    happy birthday.....may all your wishes come true!!

  5. Congrats & thank you so much!

    Happy Birthday!!

  6. Blushing... thank you! I too love all the connections I have made in this blog world. Yours is one of them! Hmm now what to say about me?