Sunday, November 20, 2011

This Space

"Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul."
                                                    Samuel Ullman

I celebrated a birthday this week. My 51st. 

Thinking back over this year I realized that last year at this time, I had not yet ventured into the blogsosphere. It was odd when that thought hit me. Because today this space, and those with whom I share it, have become so important to me. Part of my daily life. 

My enthusiasm for writing has been reawakened. 
My eagerness to create, and learn new things has been stimulated.
The warmth I feel towards friends (both new and old) has heated up.
My passion for all that revolves around building strong families has found expression.
My devotion to story-telling, and multi-generational interaction has deepened.

I'm thrilled that I've found bloggers that are my age. And love the blogs of younger moms with bright, beautiful, energetic children! I sit with poets and philosophers while I sip my coffee. I've visited corners of the world and played in friends' backyards. I've cried and laughed heartily with folks I've never actually hugged. 

And I am enthusiastically trying many new things! 

You've gotta love the joy on the faces of those sweet girls in that photo! (They are the girls my daughter gives her days to ... she's their nanny!) I love it when she shoots me a photo filled with their adorableness in the middle of the day. And I LOVE visiting blogs where the faces of beautiful children light up the screen. It's with that kind of joy, enthusiasm, warmth, passion and devotion that I hope to live my days. 



  1. A belated Happy Birthday, Adrienne!
    I share your thoughts about blogging: I began mine a year ago in September, and it has become a very important part of my life. I love all my blogging friends.
    Such a cute photo of your daughter's "charges".
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I took a break from blogging and have just recently got back into for the very reasons you stated. It is amazing to me how people you never actually "meet" can hold such a special place in your daily life. Love the quote and the picture is too cute! Happy Sunday!

  3. Love the thought of not having a wrinkled soul....need to keep up the enthusiasm! :)
    I am so very glad that you started blogging because if now I wouldn't have "met" you. :) I love reading your words, your wisdom, your life.
    Thanks for being you Adrienne!

  4. Her face just totally made me smile... and your words, love them! It really is such a pleasure to feel connected to and "meet" others, when we've never even talked face to face. I'm so glad you started this journey online, and glad that our paths crossed! Thanks for always being the shining personality that you are!


  5. Happy Belated Birthday! That picture just made my entire day! What a great post, I'm glad you started this journey and that I got a chance to connect with you.

  6. That quote rings so true to me right now. I've been "studying" enthusiasm as I'm getting mine back too! Your enthusiasm about life is contagious and very refreshing. I'm glad I found you! Thanks for stopping by my place too. :)

  7. what a beautiful capture!
    I'd really like if you stop by and link up with my Favourite Photo Monday - photo meme :)

  8. i don't ever want to get old and cranky. i don't ever want to be uninspired. i am very mindful of those things....we are so fun when we are young. i always want to feel that joy!!

    you have a wonderful, creative spirit. i hope you write forever!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Adrienne. I love this post, it resonates with me. This space and this community has been amazing and I hear the gratitude in your heart for all that it has given you. I feel the same way.