Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Thoughts {day one}

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart."
Jean Baptiste Massieu

This is one of my favorite quotes. 
When I first read it, it helped me understand one of the reasons that I love to scrapbook.

Gathering the best of our memories and caring for them and dwelling on them...well, it just helps my heart!  It helps me to focus on the good. The blessings. The highlights. And it even helps me to remember to make, of the ordinary, a special memory. For someone who tends to be a tad melancholy {me} I have found this hobby to be ... {is it too dramatic to say?} ... lifesaving.
At the very least, I can say that it's led me to some great people and taught me a wonderful craft and filled me with a gratitude for the life I've been given. 

So, as Thanksgiving day approaches, I'll begin by expressing my gratitude for this wonderful hobby of mine! And show you a couple of pages from last year's "turkey" day!


  1. Your scrapbook pages look WONDERFUL! I can tell you enjoy it. For me, it's such a creative, fun thing to do, and allows me to express myself through art (crafts). The best part is looking through the memory books time and time again -- admiring my "artwork," and savoring the memories. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That is a wonderful quote!
    Your pictures and pages are a delight; thank you for sharing them. I wanted to do the scrapbook thing but never could seem to get it together. I am amazed by those ~ like you ~ who do it.


  3. You do an amazing job with your scrapbooks! I wish I could be so dedicated and talented!

  4. Wonderful pages to capture your Thanksgiving holiday. It is true that we can and should appreciate even little things - not just the major milestones and holidays!

  5. ooooohhhhh i loved getting a peak inside yours as well!!

    one of my favorite things to do is get a look inside and see how others share their photo's and memories!!

    you create art adrienne, not just scrapbooks!!

    have a wonderful holiday!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Adrienne. I love how you preserve the memories for yourself and loved one. It's truly an art.