Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Save Those Cards!!

Checking my mailbox is so fun this time of year!
Love getting cards, seeing all the photos and reading the updates!
The cards go right to the fridge, where they stay until well into January or February.

Then, they make their way into a scrapbook.
At least, now they do.
I wish I had been scrapbooking when my kids were little,
but I didn't start until well into their teens.
My first scrapbook was a Christmas book ~ 
I have memories saved of all of our Christmases 
from the year before our engagement
until now!
But I didn't start adding the annual Christmas cards to the books until a few years ago.

When I was making smaller books, I just saved our card (2004)
or the photo we used for our card (2002).
**A great idea I share with friends**
Pre-decorate a small (8x8) album, with a page for each year,
and save all your family Christmas cards in one pretty book.
{wish I had one of those books - I'm missing some of the cards we sent over the years}

As I said, I save our cards at the end of each year's Christmas happenings in my books.
But, most people don't make entire Christmas scrapbooks...
So, another idea I love, if you want to save a lot of the cards you receive,
is a full size (12x12) album just for cards.
Again, you can pre-decorate the pages with Christmas themed paper or borders.
And then, just add the cards, once they come down off your fridge!

Enjoy your snail cards aren't going out until I have one of the professional photos from
the wedding!
Could be New Year's cards this time around.


  1. Great idea, Adrienne. I love the card from 2002, it's lovely. You preserve the memories so well. I bet you someone saved the cards that you sent and you can make copies to add to your collection.

  2. How sweet that you keep them all in a scrapbook. I keep them all just in a box, but I've never known what to do with them.

  3. i am a huge card saver. i often use pieces of old cards to make new cards. it is fun to send them to the person who originnaly sent them to you with the following note "hope you don't mind but i'm regifting something for you this year ~ your card and your love.

    the cards are so beautiful and the remade cards are even better!!

  4. Great ideas! I just continue to stack all the cards we get in the closet. After several years, I go through them and throw them all away - except the ones from folks who have now passed on. I keep those.

  5. Beautiful work! I think you know (have known) I do this -- once "everyone" started sending photo cards, I just couldn't bear to toss them out, and now it's fun to go back and see the kids growing up through the years. Plus there are such pretty Christmas-theme papers, stamps, and other embellishments! (Aside: I can keep up with the Christmas albums more than my own family's stuff -- I don't get as caught up in figuring out the perfect layout like I do for my own historical records.)

  6. This is a great idea! I need to get ours in the mail--thanks for the reminder.