Wednesday, December 14, 2011

town square ~ new england style

One of my favorite things about New England?
The beautiful, white churches that stand 
{old and proud}
in the center of so many of our towns.
In the summer the steeples glisten against the bright, blue skies.
In the fall, the steeples seem to be nesting in the colorful leaves.

I pass by this church almost every day.
This time of year the trees on the town green are
adorned with pretty lights.
And the steeple towers above, lit against the night sky.
Something about this sight
helps me to know I'm home.


  1. Dreamy photo. Is it very cold this year?

  2. Beautiful! I love old architecture too, we don't have a lot here in my neck of the woods :(

  3. Pretty! I love steeples like that.

  4. That is so pretty!! I would love looking at that too!

  5. This is gorgeous. What a beautiful historic town to live in. I can feel the cold frost in the air!Perfect in black & white!

  6. I too love church steeples. They stir my soul. I just thought wouldn't it be awesome to drive around and capture images of different steeples and in different seasons? That could be an awesome photo display. :)

  7. Your so right! There is nothing like Christmas in New England. Love your photos!

  8. Adrienne, this is gorgeous! LOVE it in b/w. And you're right; we don't really have anything comparable to these lovely church steeples in the Northwest. So happy you linked up this week!

  9. I love glistening steeples, this is a great shot with the lights.