Friday, January 27, 2012

What's it Worth?

Stop the sales, toss the coupons.
I'm not a fan of either.
When I find a 'real' bargain
I don't feel like a winner...
Nope. I feel more like I've
been conned, persuaded, cajoled, and mocked...
lured in by a system to
play a game that eats up
time and lets the greedy win.

I find myself thinking that the
notions of worth and value have
long since disappeared. I'd rather pay
a full, honest price than swipe
a 'rewards'card or enter a
code. Seems unthinkable, doesn't it?

Melissa's word for us this week? BARGAIN


  1. I don't mind a bargain, but I find myself being more willing to pay a higher price for a quality item. I think that's called "getting old." ;)

  2. I'd rather they just charge a fair price to everyone rather than jack up the prices for most and make you jump through hoops to get a deal for only the few.
    So yeah, I agree with you :)

  3. This is true. When it can be sold for so much less, how much EXTRA are we paying in the long run? I saw JC Penney is doing away with the gimmicks and setting a fair price. Maybe others will follow.

  4. It does and doesn't seem unthinkable. I like a deal but I also loathe some of them, especially the groupon-type offers. Too many stories of loss from small businesses who have offered them!

  5. Not unthinkable!

    I like when I can get what I need on sale (end of season sales, for example--especially given that where I live, there really are no seasons, we can wear the same clothes year-round), but not getting sucked into browsing things I never needed in the first place just because they're a deal.

  6. I love that you wrote this. Talk about perfect timing for me since "les soldes" are happening now and I feel so ripped off!

  7. soooo true, i always tell the hubs, "just charge me a fair honest price and don't tease me with sales or coupons"!!

    i clip them, keep them in a zip lock bag in the car and every single time i go to use one, it has expired!!