Thursday, January 26, 2012

Holding on to the Bigger Picture

Blank pages.
Piles of photos.
My mind starts turning.
My heart starts churning.

How to tell the story?
What did this day mean to them, to me?
What was the joke that brought that smile to their faces?
Did we know, in the moment, that we were making a memory?

Each time I sit to craft a page,
To weave together photos, words, colors and texture,
I find I'm transported back.
And transported ahead.
Imagining others as they pour over the pages and study the books for years to come.
More than anything, I'm right in the moment of the making.
The making of the page that captures the making of the memory.
I'm clear.
I'm present. Engaged. And happy.

Every moment recorded, every page completed and
Every book on the shelf
Adds up to a bigger picture.
The picture of a family born. A family grown.

It's so easy to loose the bigger picture in life as the moments of our days march on by.
As I focus to preserve our memories, our moments,
It never ceases to amaze me much more clearly I see that wonderful
Bigger Picture.

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  1. I wish I was as creative as you!

  2. I wish I was as ORGANIZED as you! :). I have so many boxes of photos just waiting for me to scrapbook them.


  3. our lives, recorded and memoralized forever. the good, the bad and the funny.....would we remember all these special, wonderful memories without our scrapbooks?!?

  4. I am amazed at your dedication!!

    Scrapbooking eludes me, but I know what you mean: when I'm writing, for example, I feel so present and able to focus. On the important things. The things that make my family grow and thrive and the things that make memories last past my brain's power to preserve.

    Thank you so much for joining in today! What a beautiful post this is.

  5. Wow! That shelf! Your comment about the process of assembling the photos and how it makes you relive the moment got me motivated to get some shots off the memory card!

  6. The sight of those books gives me chills! What a wonderful, precious keepsake for you and the generations after you! I'm not good with scrapbooking but, as Sarah said, one of the central reasons why writing is so important to me is because it is the vessel through which I'm preserving the memories of my own family. This was beautiful and inspiring, Adrienne! I hope you'll continue to link up with your Bigger Picture Moments!

  7. I love it...Yep, each time I look at a photograph or reread a blog post I relieve those memories. They may be small at the time, but they add up to something great for sure. Wonderful BPM.

  8. I know exactly what you mean. I love the preserving and the remembrance of photos. I love the art. And like you, I love the flood of emotion. This was a beautiful bigger picture.

    Also, I'm envious of your organizational skills. Well done!

    Thank you so much for sharing today.


  9. I love how much thought and care you put into preserving these memories. I always wished I had more discipline to take the time to create photo albums and scrapbooks. And now, in the digital age, where everything is stored on the computer, it's even harder to take that time. It's a labor of love you do. I'm sure it will be treasured.

  10. That's wonderful, Adrienne! So often we don't stop to think that we're actually making memories. And you're preserving them!

  11. Oh, I love this! All those books on the shelf! Just beautiful. Really.

    You're such an inspiration!

  12. Scrapbooking really is such a wonderful way to not just see the bigger picture, but to breathe it in and make it take on new life again. So glad you shared this!

  13. Oh this made me want to start scrapbooking again! So lovely! The memories captured in words and stories is a great bigger picture moment!