Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Written Word

Few things encourage me like a hand written letter.
Or note.
Or card.
This letter came in early January all the way from
a friend in France.
I'll carry it with a book mark,
stuck in my purse or schedule book...
It will be somewhere close to me for a good while.
Then, perhaps, it will get left tucked in a book, or in my bible...
and I'll find it at a much later date and that
smile that it brought when I first read it
will return., to write back!

Black and White Wednesday


  1. Hand written notes are just the best aren't they? They seem so ancient these days. I LOVE the focus & the editing on this! Perfect for B&W Wed!

    Hapyp Hump Day, my dear!!

  2. I love that... hiding a smile for yourself to smile on some unknown day. Lovely.

  3. Oh, I do this too! Love this photo, Adrienne, and what it represents to you.

  4. So few handwritten letters these days.And I'm guilty too! Just too easy to e-mail!