Thursday, February 2, 2012

Capturing the Bigger Picture

I took this photo several years ago.
We were sitting at dinner with my husband's family in Oregon and a summer rain
started pounding the deck.
Then came the thunder and lightening.
I opened the sliding glass door and snapped -
and the first shot caught the lightening bolt!
I couldn't believe it!
What a cool moment. This photo has always been one of my all time favorites.

I've got it hanging on my bulletin board next to my desk at work.
I keep it there because it reminds me of Oregon - and my family.
And that's important.
But it also reminds me of something else.

After I got this cool shot, I stood with my camera for a long time
and tried to get another shot.
To capture another lightening bolt.
And I just couldn't do it!
I managed to capture some that were further away, 
as the storm moved out of the valley and settled over the hills.
But not another bold, strong, all-the-way-to-the-ground strike.
It's as if the first lightening bolt came to me as a gift.
And try as I might I couldn't "make" it happen again.
Isn't life just like this?
Full of moments.
Spectacular moments.
And, although we contribute to the making of many, many special moments,
there are also countless gifts that come our way
without us lifting a finger.
Sometimes without us even knowing it.
This photo reminds me to stay alert, stay open!
And, most importantly, 
to not worry too much if I can't make things turn out the way I want them to.
At some point lightening will strike.
And I'll be amazed.
And might even manage to catch it on "film."

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  1. Some moments just can't be recreated! That is an amazing picture.

  2. That's an amazing picture :)
    Wise words here...some moments can't be recreated as much as we desire for them to....

  3. That picture is stunning. I love the meaning it has for you, too, because you're right: life brings us gifts sometimes, moments that are meant to be savored by us, and accepted, but not created. Thanks for the insight!

  4. I love this... there are also countless gifts that come our way, without us lifting a finger.

    What a beautiful photo.

  5. ooohhhh i just love this post!! a once in a lifetime moment, it may never be recreated again. thats what makes this so special, that's what gives this moment so much meaning!!

    i hang on every word as i read. you write beautifully...

  6. What a feat of photography. And what a cool capture!

    I have never been able to catch a lightening bolt. I'm envious!

    Your meaning to "stay open" is perfect. It is my word for the year. I think the image of the Oregon deck and the lightening bolt will stick with me for awhile.

    thanks for sharing!


  7. Beatiful..the photo, of course. That goes without saying. But the wisdom to know that you can't make beauty happen and you can spend a whole lot of time trying to recreate something that may never come again. Oh, great thoughts. Love this post.

  8. What a stunning photo and an amazing capture! But you're right. Some of the most beautiful things in life are the ones we can only stand back in awe and contemplate.

  9. Oh, yes. There are so many moments we couldn't create if we tried or recreate -- they are gifts given to unsuspecting hearts. And the hearts that recognize them, treasure them, I think are full. Like yours.

  10. Oh I love this! I am always trying to "recreate" or catch moments a second time and it's just futile isn't it!

    Lovely moment.

  11. Love this post so much! Thanks for the visual reminder that we can't always control that which is around us. Sometimes, just like the lightening bolt, we have to allow God to speak to us. Our job is, as you said, to remain alert and open. He will take care of the rest!
    So glad I found this post of yours tonight. Would have hated to miss it! <3

  12. Awe-Some capture! I love the meaning behind it, too -- so true. What a good reminder!