Friday, February 3, 2012

Charmed, I'm Sure!

What would you like to know
about me? That I love photos
and coffee and Boston sports teams?
That I'm the queen of scrapbooking?
Or {perhaps} that my son gave
me a penguin charm because he
loves those arctic birds. And then
there's my daughter who gave me
the cute alarm clock charm...which
really, really made me laugh...because
I was her personal wake up
service for many years! When I
look at my pretty bracelet I
think of my kids, and my friends.
But, hmmm....someone's missing. My one
true love's nowhere to be found!


Thought I'd share this now because
Valentine's day is right around the
corner, and I know he's racking
his brain for gift ideas...wonder
what charming token he'll find to
add to my much loved collection?!!

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  1. How nice of you to give him a hint! What a treasure - one that keep growing too.

  2. that is a great bracelet!

  3. Smart woman! My husband just recently told me I really ought to keep a wish list. ;) (Aha! Pinterest!)

  4. I love the photo and all the things it tells me about you! And charms make wonderful gifts ;)

  5. I love reading your blog. Always makes me smile. You always put a positive spin on everything. Love it!

  6. I am sure that he'll be happy you gave him a hint :) makes his life easier :) nice charms :)

  7. Nicely done. Hope your man gets the Hint! Hint! :)

    The bracelet is beautiful.

  8. That is a gorgeous bracelet. Wow, I may know what I want for Valentines now... lol

  9. oh what a suttle little hint....
    wink, wink!!

    it's a charming bracelet!!

  10. Now there's a hint! Beautiful bracelet!

  11. Nice bracelet. It's even more special with those you love adding to it.

  12. Oh that my wife would publish something with an obvious 'hint'. Perhaps I'll get her charm bracelet this year, and think of things to get her in each of the following years.

    Either that, or a baseball glove with the name, 'Jimmy' on it.