Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting Chattier

To chat, or not to chat,
That is the question. Whether 'tis
nobler in the mind to blurt
it out and suffer the slings
and arrows of those who judge;
or swallow it up and face
the outrageous fortune and the sea
of troubles alone. There's the rub.

I've often wished I was a
"blurter" ... but I've always weighed my
words and held a lot inside.
 Lately I'm believing it's not one
or the other. I'm finding balance.
I cherish times of reflection, and
I'm getting chattier as I age...

{with my apologies to Mr. Shakespeare}

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  1. Love the sentiments, and your creativity. Ahhhh, you are pondering the eternal question :)

  2. I'm a 'blurter' and wish I was better at weighing my words before I speak. I guess balance really is the key.

  3. Love it! Lately I'm too tired to blurt or weigh my words, so I'm just quiet. In person. Not so much on the internet... ;)

  4. Balance is key even though I speak my mind too much :) nice :)

  5. I LOVE this! And I agree - I think it is about balance. Some things are meant to be blurted, others held inside :)

  6. Love your artwork, Adrienne. Isn't it interesting to see how we change with time?

  7. Great post! And you know I LOVE those photos!