Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Alita from Alita Jewels Treasures tagged me on this, and I thought it’d be a fun post, so I decided to play along.
The Rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
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1. My ear lobes don't match. The right one has a little "bite" out of it where it meets the side of my head.
2. Found fake glasses in elementary school. And wore them. To get attention, I guess.
3. Got out of eating Beef Goulash once cause a bat flew into the dining room during dinner. Phew!
4. My family drove (round trip) from PA to OK in an un-air conditioned station wagon one summer.
5. Made a lot of my own clothes in middle and high school. {I was not cool}
6. I wore a hat, not a veil, when I got married.
7. We've moved 13 times in our 27 years together...not counting the 'inbetweenhomes' places. Don't ask.
8. Got my first perm in college when the trash workers went on strike. BU shut down for 10 days & I was bored.
9. We lived in Paris, France for more than a decade. It was as wonderful as you'd imagine it would be.
10. I love museums. Of all kinds....don't spend enough time visiting them.
11. Crossword puzzles relax me.

1. At what time in your life did you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster?
      Emotional roller coaster is pretty much the norm for me.
      But the most agonizing ride came as both my husband and I changed careers about 7 years ago.
2. When was the last time you tried something new?
      Games, instagram etc. Learning about the iPhone has been a fun adventure!
3. What does your joy look like today?
      He's about six foot, going gray and sitting quietly right next to me.
4. Do you see to believe or believe to see? Give and explanation, too.
      I believe to see ~ and I can only explain by saying that I haven't come close to seeing it all yet!
5. What is the single most religious experience or moment of pure faith, you have ever had.
      When my daughter was four months old, I was rocking her on a hot, humid day. She was cranky
      and we went up to the roof deck for some air. Looking at her, I knew that it didn't matter and
      would never matter what she "did" in life. I whispered an "I love you" and it hit me in that in
      that instant that one day she'd look at me and whisper (or shout!!) the same. And then it really hit
      me.The same heart and hope and vision I felt in that moment with my daughter, was what God
      held in his heart for his daughter, me. And my relationship with Him was just that simple, pure
      and lovely.
6. What is the difference, in your opinion, between being in love and falling in love.
      To fall in love we must have an open, vulnerable heart. 
      Staying in love means keeping our hearts that way.      
7. When you close your eyes what do you see?
      Literally? A negative image of what was just before me.
      Figuratively? Bits of the past, turning gears and a glimpse of what might come.
8. What is your earliest childhood memory? Which one stands out as a teen? And now?
       I remember waking up (from a nap, I'd guess) and walking down a hall to the den to find my mom.
       My stand out teen memories are stage memories. I spent many, many hours on stage.
       My stand out adult memories are all family centered...the at home, little moments. Vacations. A wedding.
9. What are your top five favorite things to do with other people?
       Chat, Scrapbook, Camp, Cookout and Play Games.
10. What do you owe yourself?
11. If your life had a soundtrack which songs would be included?
       A little Beatles, all of Barbra, some Broadway, some Country. And lots of Hymns.

1. What was a favorite childhood plaything?
2. What was the first novel that transported you?
3. Is the work you do to pay the bills a passion or practical?
4. What's your favorite hand cream? Fragrance?
5. If you could (or do) grow a garden would there be flowers or vegetables fill it?
6. What would you like to see in the US that you haven't seen yet? And abroad?
7. Can you think of one lifestyle change you could make that would help you feel less tired "all the time"?
8. What's your favorite board game? Card game?
9. What's a surprise blessing that blogging has brought into your life?
10. Is there an "old" friend you've lost along the way that you think about trying to find again?
11. What's your current favorite television show?

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  1. OH, living in Paris. My goal is to get past the airport there and really move about!

  2. living in paris??? WOW Im jealous!

  3. I love that you wore a hat and not a veil.. :) nice to get to know all these facts about you :)

  4. If you are interested I host a black and white photo contest every week on my blog. Check it out and see if you want to enter. I really think you should.

  5. ooohhh i learned a lot, i think i remember you mentioning the paris gig before.

    i smiled when i saw my name here, i will think about it ;))

    i am glad you took the time to participate!!

  6. Not jealous over that car ride with no air... but crazy jealous about Paris. How wonderful. I love learning new stuff about you.

  7. LOVED this, Adrienne! It's obvious that you spent a lot of time searching your heart to write this post.
    Thanks for tagging me; I will put on my thinking cap - this is involved, so it might be a few days...!
    Enjoy your day!

  8. Such a great post Adrienne! Thank you for sharing with us! I love the photo of the kids with dad. :)

  9. Love this! Learning these little tidbits about you are kinda like peering into your cupboards!

  10. Oh I adored your answer about your single most religious moment! Isn't it funny how our children bring us even closer to God and His plan for us?

    LOVED getting to know you better!