Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reminded* {Bigger Picture Moment}

She squirmed. Hot, agitated and cranky.
Wearing only a diaper, my sweet
baby seemed inconsolable. So unlike her.
The thick July air wasn't moving
through our third floor apartment windows.
Maybe there'd be a breeze up
on the roof deck, I hoped.

So we climbed the stairs, and
exited into the late afternoon air.
The Boston skyline, stunning against the
summer sky rose easily off the
Charles. Harvard, MIT, bridges, brick - home.
I sang. I walked. I rocked
my girl. An ever-so-slight
summer breeze began to soothe us.

I gazed at her, still new
and ever fascinating in my arms.
I love you, I whispered. There
was no doubt, no expectation. Just
love. It settled there between us.
Pure love. And I knew that
one day she'd be able to
say those words to me. And
that she'd want to. Just because.

And then I knew. I raised
my tear stained face and whispered
those same three words to God ~
Just as I would never need
anything else from my own child,
I knew, in that moment, God
had what he desired from me.
My whole heart was His and
I told Him so. Just because.

Since that day I have been
overseas as a missionary. I've been
overjoyed watching baptisms and I've been
overly zealous, overly confident in my
own righteousness and overwhelmed by own
doubts. I've been over churched and
overtaken again and again by the
grace and the goodness of God.

But never, in the twenty-five years
since that sweltering July day, have
I had such a pure glimpse
into the wide open heart of
the one I call my Father.

*A blogging friend tagged me in a survey a week or so ago. One of her questions was:
"What is the single most religious experience or moment of pure faith you've ever had?"
I was immediately brought back to this moment when my daughter was only three months old.
The answer to her question's in the survey...but I thought it worthy of its own post! Thanks Alita!

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  1. beautifully written, you had me right there with you!

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  4. beautiful! thanks for sharing such a special, sacred moment.

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  10. Those Spirit-breathed moments in parenting give us such a glimpse into the Father's heart ... such a glimpse into the Divine. Lovely writing.