Friday, April 6, 2012

Game On

Years ago, when the boy was
{oh} so young, the grandfather whisked
him off to the ballpark. Since
the boy was living in France,
the baseball diamond was a mystery -
one of those American treasures only
enjoyed on summer furloughs. From the
first pitch, he was enthralled - the
energy of the ball park, the
crack of the bat and the
words of the grandfather mesmerizing him.

Now the boy's a young man,
with his grandfather's passion for the
sport. One hopes the Phillies will
win another pennant. One cheers for
those Red Sox. Both will watch
any team play. Any time. Anywhere.

As the pitchers return to the
mound this year, the grandfather knew
that there were only two little
words needed between them: "Game On!"

Thanks to Melissa for
our word today: Return


  1. Oh! Goosebumps. Thanks!

    We are a house divided here - Phillies and Mets. But any kind of baseball will do.

  2. What a great post. I love that picture of your sin and his grandfather. I love that he picked up his passion for the game. What a great thing to have in common. I really miss the baseball and the little league. My sons will have no clue what baseball is.

  3. That first photo is such a treasure. Hooray for being at the ballpark.

  4. Awesome memory. Love the unspoken passion for baseball between them.

  5. Sweet, love it! Happy Easter!

  6. Aw, nice post. It's great that these two have the connection.
    I love baseball, but hubby's not a fan.

  7. Wonderful that they get to share a hobby/pastime together and build wonderful memories.

  8. Oh what a delightful post, Adrienne! We love baseball around here, too. Go Tigers! ;) The first picture (by the way) is so heart warming.

    Thank you for sharing this.


  9. That photo! Oh my.

    Thank goodness baseball season has returned. :)

  10. Great post! There's just something about the start of the baseball season that screams nostalgia and childhood.

  11. chills and goose bumps adrienne, this is a good one!!

    the little things and a hot dog, life is "grand"!!

  12. I can sooooo relate! BEautiful post.