Thursday, April 5, 2012

Instagram {A Bigger Picture Moment}

I really love instagram.
Because it's fun. Because it keeps me connected to people I care about.

But mostly because it allows me to capture moments - instants - that might otherwise
slip away.
Either I wouldn't stop long enough to take them in.
Or I might quickly forget them.
Ironically, "insta"gram has slowed me down...helped me to stop and take notice.

This picture says:
It's 5:00.
Work is done for the day.
You're outside and the air is fresh and the wind is blowing.
It says:
Your time is your own now.
And it's light - there's so much light!
I'm reminded:
The sky is big - huge!
And so is God.
And He's given me another day.
Another day to work, breath, think, create, live.

And I breathe in,
and exhale...
And I'm grateful.

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  1. That sky is gorgeous. Makes me really feel all things are possible.

  2. I love all the things your sky is telling you -- and I love instagram :) What's your name there? I'd like to follow your photos!

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  4. I feel the same way about Instagram. It's such a wonderful tool to slooooow down and see what beauty is spread out before my eyes. Lovely thoughts today, Adrienne.

  5. Lovely photo and what a lovely sentiment! Instagram is so much fun and I'm so glad it inspires you to take a moment and celebrate the little things!

  6. This picture is amazing, I love instagram too.
    Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  7. Beautiful picture. And such a great thing to see after a day at work.

  8. LOVE this one! Such a beautiful photo!