Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nothin' Much

Rainy days {often} get me down.
And we've had our share!
It's not really the blues.
Just the blahs.

I'm ready for flip flops.
No coats.
Open windows.
And lots of sunshine!

Weatherman is saying there will be a few more dreary days.
Messy commutes.
Cooler temps.
Indoor projects.

Yeah, that's all I got.

Black and White Wednesday


  1. Oh, I am SO with you. But I do dig this photo. :)

  2. Naps sound pretty good!! that's what I got on our schedule!! (and maybe some Netflix for Andrew since he is not a napping fan! I sure am though!!)Love the pictures by the way! That first one is very creative! Love it!

  3. Oh, I so know this! But sometimes, the rainy days really do make me feel blue, because it's so dark and dreary my thoughts start wandering. I'm just thankful for His word that is ALWAYS a light in the darkness and that the rain really doesn't last forever.

  4. Oh I can sooooooo totally relate to these blahs! Love the shot tho! Captures the mood perfectly!

  5. Love the perspective of the photo..and totally agree, we don't need anymore chilly rain days..I'm ready for warm sunny days outside!

  6. a picture is worth a thousand words!!

    my closets are clean and the rescue mission boxes have been filled. i am ready to play in the dirt!!

  7. You take such beautiful photographs!!! Have you taken a class????

  8. Love the mood in this photo with the rain, the queuing... I like to take this sort of photo when my husband is driving. Hope the weather improves your way, it is very awful here :(

    Have a great week! :)


  9. We had this last week...rain but there was a peacefulness to it...and then the sun came out :)