Thursday, May 24, 2012

Towards a Change of Scenery {Bigger Picture Moment}

Load up. Take stock. Drive away.
Away from routine and the indoors.
Away from screens, clocks and chores.

Load up. Take stock. And drive.
Drive towards a change of scenery.
Towards laughter and campfires and friends.
Towards fresh, forest air and long walks.
Towards sunshine, chirping birds and rest.

And this will be good. Good
for my exhausted, hard working hubby.
Good for me. Good for us.
No apologies, no guilt, no justifying.

It took me a while, but 
{Thank God!}
I no longer associate getting away
with running away. Or with laziness.
 I've learned to let go. To
really let go and let down.

Today we finish up, clean up
pack up and cook. Cause tomorrow
we load up - and drive away!

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  1. Amen!

    Enjoy every single second of letting go. I love being one with nature. I am a camping-girl.

    Go enjoy yourself!!!


  2. Hope you have an amazing time!!!!!!

  3. Have a wonderful time Adrienne! Looking forward to photos, friend.

  4. I hope there is so much rest and so much rememberance in the rest He's giving you this weekend. Enjoy the creation and the gifts He's given; I know you will. :)

  5. How fun! I hope you have a fantastic time and get some much-deserved rest!

  6. Glad you've enjoyed "letting go"!

  7. This sounds wonderful!!! I especially love the first two verses. It paints such a vivid picture of leaving behind the busy daily routine for time in nature, with friends - and absolutely relaxing!


    P.S. I hope their is an Airstream in my future.

  8. i hope you do let go...i hope you have an amazing time.

    it sounds wonderful, you paint a beautiful picture with your words!!

  9. Sounds blissful! Relax and enjoy every minute. :)

  10. How fun!!! I made a list to hang on our fridge of things we can do this summer around home that doesn't cost much but, makes lots of memories (posted it on my blog)...enjoy your get away, make some memories!