Sunday, May 13, 2012

We Need to Hear their Voices

I'm learning to carve out TIME for me ~ for my walks.
TIME to be quiet, to move, to think and pray.
TIME to breathe in fresh air.

Whether I'm walking the SIDEWALKS in town,

or paths in the woods,
there is always beauty to be found.
Light, shadow, sun, rain....
or a puddle pretending to be a MIRROR.

My camera lens takes me places I can't reach on foot.
CLOSE UP to branches, buds and blooms.

And helps me to capture the one thing that has, perhaps,
been the most INSPIRING part of my life.


"Pausing to listen to an airplane in the sky, 
stooping to watch a ladybug on a plant, 
sitting on a rock to watch the waves crash over the quayside
 - children have their own agendas and timescales. 
As they find out more about their world and their place in it,
 they work hard not to let adults hurry them.
We need to hear their voices."
Cathy Nutbrown

Until my kids have their own kids,
they'll never know how much of a difference they've made in my life.
What a joy, honor and blessing it is to be called
Their Mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. I love that reflection in the puddle.

  2. Such a lovely post with some really beautiful shots. Happy Mother's Day from your latest follower.

  3. The way you incorporated your shots with Mothers Day was sweet...
    Really liked the shot with the
    ducks and their babies..
    happy moms day!

  4. Beautiful set of images! I like how you wove them together with your words.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today..and following, too!

  5. Beautiful pictures. And I love what you did with them, tying them together the narrative. Delightful!

  6. What a beautiful post and great pics :-)

  7. lovely post & the way you were able to blend pics & story into a theme of self care.

  8. Learning to carve time out for yourself while being a mom is a tough thing to do! Your photos are beautiful and I love the story you wove through them. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous pics. Happy Mother's Day!

  10. always such beautiful entries. love seeing you at the scavenger hunt, you have great interpretations!!

    hope you had a wonderful mothers day!!

  11. Beautiful photos. I love the reflection.

  12. awww inspiring is just so precious. Lovely set of pictures

  13. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Adrienne. Love this blog, both the photos and the sentiment.