Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maybe those were the days....

So....imagine this. Alarm sounds...and I roll over to check my iPhone (of course) to find I'd been tagged on Facebook...in a group of photos from high school.

I was stunned.
And {can I just say} it's more startling to be stunned first thing in the morning....you know, before coffee, in that hazy place between wanting to face the day and wanting to stay in bed!
But there they were. Photos of ME.
From my sophomore year - some time in the mid seventies.
Yes, I said mid seventies.

Now, you have to know one thing about me to fully appreciate this. I have a terrible memory. Especially where my childhood and adolescence are concerned. I think they call it blocking things out. Who knows. I've been 'analyzed' and ... lets just say, between me and my brother we could probably come up with about one calendar year's worth of memories between us.
So, when I say stunned, I mean it.
I look at these photos and cannot believe my eyes!
I don't remember laughter. Or hugs! Or throwing a friend a surprise party (that's me holding the cake in the first photo!) (at MY house!)

I don't remember hanging out on the school lawn, or having a friend who played guitar...

And....forgive me for this...I look at that young girl {me} and she takes my breath away! Why didn't I see her? Why didn't I know that I had beautiful hair and a great smile? Where in the world did I get the notion  idea belief that I was fat??!! It's all a bit overwhelming....cause the "me" that lives in my mind and the "me" that I see in these photos - well, they do NOT match! Not even a little bit!

As the day has worn on, my shock has turned into a huge {inside-my-heart} smile! And I am so grateful to the long lost high school friend who found these and posted them! And to the friends in the photos - for bringing me smiles, then and now. I think it might just be time to reconnect.

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  1. Awww... It's so nice that that happened. It's amazing how memories and little things like pictures can change your day.

  2. You had more than one friend who played guitar. You even directed one of those friends in a play.

  3. Such wonderful memories..and you look beautiful..sad that you didn't see how beautiful you are. You are not alone, I have seen pictures of myself...and felt the same way. So happy your friend found these pictures!

  4. Adrienne, you are very welcome. I am inspired by your courage to speak so directly from your heart... something I wish I could do more myself on facebook, I tend to filter a lot I think. Enjoy - Hal

  5. What a great day! Those are some really great photos!

  6. What a fun surprise! I have been thinking about doing the same thing - scanning old photos and posting them and tagging friends, hoping to make them smile, as well.

  7. What a wonderful thing! And you were darling, my friend. The proof is right there in black and white. :)

  8. I love everything about this post. I see a beautiful girl enjoying life. I hope that one day I can look back at pictures of myself and see the same.

  9. You brought such a smile to my face with your words here today!!!!!! Isn't it amazing the realizations a bit of life perspective can bring?

  10. How wonderful to have these photos to "remember" those times!
    Yes, it is time to reconnect. I've done so with many of my classmates (through FB) and we've found that we enjoy each other's company so much more now than we did when we were younger...!

  11. That is a wonderful surprise! I think we all have this tendency when we look backward, but I hope it helps you see the beauty that is still there!

  12. you create beautiful art..!!

  13. I've heard it from others...
    the bad stays in our memories and psyches...
    the good seems a dream.
    But, it was real.
    Especially real when we see the proof.
    You are beautiful, inside and out.

  14. This is a very sweet blog. I can totally relate. I blocked out a lot too. And I think you look like Melissa in the second picture. :)

  15. You were/are beautiful and talented and loved. More importantly, you can see the love you gave to others. So happy the pictures brought a reality to you that you had forgotten/didn't believe. You're right, it's time to reconnect.