Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Rain

"Like a welcome summer rain,
humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth,
the air and you."
Langston Hughes

On Saturday afternoon, the Marble sky let go of some much needed rain.

From my doorway I watched as the droplets decorated
the puddles with ever growing, ever changing Concentric Circles.

As the rain began to let up a bit, 
I grabbed my favorite piece of rain Gear 
{and my camera} 
and I headed outside.

All the leaves, as if Glazed
caught every ounce of light there was.

as the sun shone through the rain, 
the Warped boughs, weighed down and soaking wet,
caught that light and caught my eyes.

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  1. Wow, you really have a keen eye for nature photography! Lovely set.

  2. I love, love those concentric circles and I really want that umbrella.

  3. Your concentric circles are just over the top brilliant! Both in the creativity of the idea AND the actual photograph itself. Gorgeous.

  4. Love those concentric circles... beautiful! And all so fun! I love how your found something for every prompt with your rain shower!

  5. Such a creative way to weave the prompts into a delightful story. Love your umbrella and your circles.

  6. You have perfect photos !!!! I love them all ! So cool athmospere !

    Have a nice Midsummer !

  7. Fabulous interpretations! Love Concentric Circles...

  8. These are all amazing! Love the circles in the puddles and the umbrella!

  9. Love this! Great photographs...Happy Sunday!

  10. First, I love how you used all of the prompts to walk us through a rain storm. I love those concentric circles....very creative!

  11. Just seeing your rain shots is making me jealous.. I don't know when the last time it rained here in Vegas..

    All your shots look wonderful. I love the Concentric circles. Well done!

  12. This is quite a feat getting all the shots in one slice of time. I LOVED it, all of it!

    My favorite was concentric circles.

    You are a great storyteller,

  13. Beautiful! I especially love the 2nd shot

  14. What a great set. I love that you centered it around a central theme.
    Some of your shots were very similar to a couple of mine (we must have been on the same wave-length).
    My favorites:
    Gear - What a great Umbrella and Glazed - I love the shimmer/glazed look of the leaves.
    Runner-Up - Concentric Circles (check out how we were thinking alike).

  15. The concentric!!

  16. Beautiful images - your concentric circles is genius.

  17. it's all been said!!

    AWESOME SET!! probably the best this week, it's just so creative!!

  18. Lovely.
    Wonderful shot of raindrop circles in the puddle.