Thursday, July 26, 2012

Accept One Another {Bigger Picture Moment}

There are times I want to rant and stomp
Most days I just want to cry
This church, that church
Your church, my church
Right church, wrong church
Black church, white church
The few, the many…the lost, the saved
I reject it all. Deep, deep down, I really do reject it all.

Not Him. Never Him.
And not the kind among us, or the believer in the pew
Not the open hearted, or those who’ve been made new
Not the one with questions, or the bible loving few
Not the weary seekers,
And most especially not the one who'll walk a mile in my shoe

But I do reject each loud, convicted cry
Each sure-footed and intolerant one
Who can look at another, can look at a brother,
And proclaim, “I’m better than you!”
Or I know more than you
Or my church is better than yours
Or this is the only way... 

I’ve been there, I’ve lived it
Righter than right
Better than good
A soul in the fight
Yet now, as a tear falls over my cheek,
I long to belong, to sing and to pray
To worship with those who don’t know if they’re right
And don’t gain strength from thinking others are wrong
Who find joy in this journey that God's set us on

Today I bow, I ask, I pray
Why can’t we all just….just all get along?

Sharing at Alita's place today


  1. Beautiful, heart-rending post today, Adrienne.

    You know, a couple of weeks ago, when we took our neighbor out on the beach on Sunday morning to see the horses, as we were returning, she said: "this is better than any church service". I don't know that that statement is necessarily true. I do know that it doesn't do some folks a lot of good to go to church....!

  2. Beautiful, moving, real... thanks Adrienne!

  3. Amen!
    I think you and I are on the same page today...
    It really is a wonder how we just all can't get along. Get past the judgements. We are all His children.

  4. There is danger in being so certain you are right and others are wrong. I know my own heart well enough to know I will never be qualified to lob that first stone.

  5. i don't believe in organized religion, but i am always hestitant to say that out loud.

    i hope you find what you are looking for, i believe it is inside you, you just have to follow your heart and believe in yourself!!

    i have not been to church in years and i know that i am a christian!!

  6. Very thought provoking! I wonder about this so often. I identify myself as a Catholic, but I also believe everyone needs to find the path to spiritual peace that speaks to his/her own heart, regardless of the denomination.

  7. Right?!

    And it seems like everybody knows EVERYTHING, in this election year especially. Everyone's so dang CONVICTED of their accuracy. It makes me twitchy.

  8. I don't know much of anything most days. I just know that I sit deep in the skirt of grace ... and I'd love to sit there with you in person some day.

    Beautiful, Adrienne.

  9. Wow, so powerfully and beautifully penned! I love this! So many fabulous lines in here too...I can't even sort out a favorite. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I love this and it is so VERY true. A friend once explained to me that religion and faith are two different things and you don't need to go to church every day to have faith. Sometimes it's the small things like a sunrise that renews faith. If only everyone could see that there is no right or wrong.