Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It's all below the surface.
Sadness, I think. Mostly.
Although it's murky below the I'm not always sure what's under there.

It was hard to say good-bye to my dad last week. And it's impossible to watch the news. I've got a "who I've let down" list and a "what I'm not accomplishing list" running through my mind. On repeat. Throw in a few hormones, some fatigue and a dash of humid, summer heat....and let me tell you....I've been pretty tough to take.

Do you have those days? Those weeks? When the smallest hint of sentimentality in someone's blog post...or a corny television moment brings tears to your eyes? Tears that surprise you? And are definitely over-the-top-out-of-proportion to the emotion called for in the moment....well, I've had a few of those moments. Murky moments...when things come bubbling out from under.

But I'm coming up for air.
Breathing deeply and seeking to enjoy the calm, clear waters from above the surface.

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  1. Yes, absolutely have those days. And this photo is divine, Adrienne.

  2. Sure do, generally that is when I remind myself that you can change the wind but you can adjust your sails, and adjust I do. Wishing you calm waters and glorious skies. Great photo by the way.

  3. oops that should have been can't change the wind....:D

  4. And somedays the best "keeping my head above water" that I can hope for is simply treading water successfully. But that is good enough. Peace to you!

    The photo is simply wonderful. Those reflections in the water and the red bridge cutting across the image take my breath away.

  5. Adrienne, this touched me.. I feel your pain so sad when we are made to feel as if we never measure up . It brings doubt and sadness and in this moment think of all that you are, all that you achieve, look at how you grow every day and be proud. I know how hard it is to feel the sadness so today find a reason to smile and realize that you are great.

  6. you are so beautiful, you have so many talents, you just don't see it!!

  7. Oh, yes, I have those moments. And they're brought on by the most trivial things - guess it's part of what makes us WOMAN!

    Hope your murkiness clears up soon!

  8. This means you are absolutely, 100% human, and 100% female. We all know these feelings. And I'm ever envious of how well you express them, and how beautifully your photography matches.