Sunday, July 15, 2012

On the Road for a Scavenger Hunt

To pass the time during yesterday's road trip from Boston to Philadelphia, I used this week's scavenger hunt clues to keep me distracted along the way. Our clues from Ashley at Ramblings and Photos this week were:
Petal, Water, Eight, Calm and Fresh

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Wildflower petals provided blurred flashes of color along the sides of the road.

The Tapan Zee bridge stretches over the water of the Hudson River.

Ironically...almost every route we followed had an eight in it's number!

Inside the car? Perfectly calm. Good music, lively conversation and just the right temperature.

And this? My favorite photo from the trip.
Our car, reflected in the wheel of a huge truck.
Fresh perspective, don't you think?!!?


  1. Nice shots - that's a great take on Fresh!

  2. Awesome! Love that last pic, too! Hope you are having a great trip. I grew up near Philly and my hubby near Boston, so that's an awfully familiar route to me!

  3. I hope you have a great visit here in Philly! Your petal photo is looks like a painting. And I do love that reflection of your car. Glad you had something to do to help your trip go faster!

  4. great shots - i especially love all the 8's and the reflection of your car in the huge wheel of that truck is fab!

  5. Cool photos! Because we live in Sturbridge at the intersection of I-84 and the Turnpike, I am intimately familiar with those 8s. I really like that last photo. Very creative!

  6. Really good set.
    My favorites: Petals - Those Wild flowers look delightful.
    Fresh - That is a fresh perspective and a cool photo.
    Also liked your calm - Great choice of music.

  7. Cool pictures, Adrienne. I especially love the first one, and that last one is pretty impressive!

  8. familiar roads....the tapanzee takes us to scott.

    today was our day, i hope you are enjoying your time with your dad. it's so hot and humid here.

  9. Great choices for this week's hunt - love the shot of your car in the truck's hubcap. We cross the Tappan Zee Bridge when we take our daughter to college - pretty bridge.

  10. I'm loving your processing - especially on the first shot.