Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Long Weekend - Instagram Style

We enjoy this drive ~ about six hours, lunch stop included.
Nice to have the time to talk and we love just cruising along, listening to music.
I'm lucky ~ Brian does all the driving!

Sunday was our trip into the city.
We spent hours in a beautiful museum ~ The Barnes.
An amazing eclectic collection that includes an almost overwhelming number of Renoirs.

Then there was lots of time to relax.
Visiting the little town of Wayne, a few restaurants and
easy drives through beautiful, old neighborhoods.

Walks on the streets where I played as a kid.
There's a story about a tricycle accident that happened on this particular street....

I spent one of my mornings looking
through memorabilia in my
high school's archive room.
There are boxes of photos and
programs from our old theater
department....just waiting to be
gone through, identified and put into
albums. I hope to help the woman
who volunteers her time to
keep track of years of history for my 
school - a school that celebrated its
 centennial year in 1997.

This was my yearbook photo. 
I don't still have my yearbook - so I
took a minute to look through the archive copy...and scanned my photo!
The trip home was smooth sailing.
Clear skies, more good music and a roadside diner.
We had a really nice four days in my old home town.

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  1. Sounds lovely! So glad you had a good time.

  2. Good to go back home. Love the pictures. I am sure you enjoyed all the beautiful Renoir paintings. :)

  3. it's always good to be this trip was perfect, both ways!!

  4. I LOVE this, Adrienne!! Just a perfect compilation of the moments that made up your trip.
    What a cute picture of you!
    Sorry I haven't been visiting and commenting as frequently - super busy summer! But I try to catch up as I can.
    Glad you had a fun trip!