Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unfading Glory {Bigger Picture Moment}

Flying high above my father's front lawn is this faded, slightly tattered flag. Nestled under the great trees that tower above my childhood home, she never fails to catch the breeze and to remind us that we stand, not just in a front yard, but in the land of the free. It doesn't matter that the winds have howled around her and, over the years, ripped at some of the fibers that made her. It doesn't matter that the scorching sun has, over the years, dulled her vibrant colors. It doesn't matter that at first glance, she may appear to be worn out and worn down and old. No, none of that matters. Because her essence - all that she is and stands for - is unchanged.

As I watched my dad {and his bad hip} struggle to walk down the driveway to his car, old glory caught his eye.

"That flag has seen better days," he said. "I really should get a new one."

I smiled to myself.

Because, like that flag, my aging father is a bit faded and tattered. He's not as agile or fast as he once was and the storms of this life have taken their toll on him.

Yet, somehow he still dances on the breeze.
And stands tall and strong - getting up each and every time life has knocked him down or kicked him around.

Maybe the flag has seen better days, but I hope he lets it keep flying just the way it is.

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  1. The imagery in this piece is breath-taking and so strong. I love the flag. I love grit. I love the worst days and the best days. And my father... Your father means a lot to you and you can feel the warmth of affection in your writing.

    Loved this piece. Just glorious!


  2. Those "better days" the flag and your dad have seen are what make them so beautiful today! Love the sentiment of your piece and am crazy about the photo. I tried to get a similar shot a few weeks back and could never get my timing right.

  3. Very touching, Adrienne. God bless your Dad.

  4. beautifully said!! there is something very special about standing the test of time!!

  5. Love the sentiment in this. The flag and your dad have seen better days... The storms of life take a toll on us. Happy you got to spend time with him, hold him close and appreciate the moment. :)

  6. This post makes me smile. What a lovely tribute!