Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last night, as we arrived at the soccer field, the sky was on fire.
Bold, magnificent color surrounded the field in every direction.
The air was crisp ~ fall chill with no hint of lingering summer warmth.
I'd gone just to sit there.
Because my son had a game.
Because I'm a mom...and I want him to feel my presence. My support.
Truth is, I hadn't felt great for two days, I was tired, and didn't really want to leave my comfy chair.
And he's twenty-two, and understanding...he really wouldn't have minded if I wasn't there.
But I went. Just to be there.
{it is his last ever soccer season, after all}
I mean, from the field he can't tell if I'm grouchy and blah and there in "body" only.

As we walked up to the field, and I saw the sky....
I knew in that moment that I needed to be there....far more than he needed me to be.
Because in that sky was a sigh.
And comfort.
And in the air was refreshment.

The ills of the day and the apathy in my spirit melted away.
A small sliver of gratitude carved its way into my heart
as the crescent moon appeared in the darkening sky.
And that felt good.

Joining my friends to share this simple moment
at Brook's Place today!

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  1. A beautiful night sky reveals so much, doesn't it? And I'm sure the same comfort you drew from the sky was present in your son's heart when he saw you in the stands. My husband played basketball and when he went on to coach, his parents still came to all the games. He always took comfort, not only in their presence, but in the many memories that came along with looking out in the stands and seeing those two familiar faces still cheering him on after all these years.

  2. So beautiful Adrienne! Both the words and the pictures touched my heart. It reminds me that wherever I am at the moment...that's exactly where God wants me. So I need to open my eyes and my heart so I can take in whatever it is He is trying to show me.

  3. Oh, I love that feeling. It's the glad you went and you were able to find COMFORT when you needed it.

  4. You always see the silver lining and that my friend is what I love about you!

    Gorgeous images and I LOVE soccer!

  5. That sky... oh my word is it breathtaking! Such a beautiful sign!

  6. So happy the ills of the day and the apathy of your spirit melted away.
    Happy you found comfort and gratitude.

  7. These photos are just excellent Adrienne. I have been having a tough week too and have felt best out in nature and in wide open spaces. Here's to better days. xoxo

  8. In that sky was a sigh....

    How many times have I felt that sigh without even realizing it? That is amazing phrasing! I know just what you mean because I have experienced it myself. I just didn't know that I had until you put it into words, words I will remember every time I see that sigh in the sky.

  9. Wow! That sky is beautiful! It doesn't matter how old they are does it? They always appreciate and love the support!!

  10. Oh goodness ... the gifts He gives us are magnificent. A painted sky just for you, for the renewal of your spirit that day. Such a beautiful visual and a beautiful BPM, Adrienne. I love when He paints us beauty in his sky canvas and it ends up coating our hearts.

  11. Beautiful!! I love that last shot :)

  12. Such beautiful thoughts. seems like such a simple thing.

  13. I love how when we give, we sometimes get back so much more than we expected. It's a funny, wonderful world sometimes.