Monday, September 24, 2012


I will never forget walking through the dining room and into the kitchen of Claude Monet's home in Giverny, France. Every nook and cranny painted sunshine yellow. I'd never seen anything like it. Or imagined anything like it. Brighter than the yellow was the blue of the kitchen tile....It was fanciful. Fun. And I wanted to move in.

It didn't take more than a few minutes for me to be filled with joy. A joy that my serious, understated and "beige" self rarely experienced. An inside out kinda joy. A caught me off guard and took me over kind of joy. The pure loveliness of it took hold of me and has never let go.

I had the honor - the pleasure - of visiting Giverny several times when I lived in France. I treasured each visit, and hope I get to return again some time. Until then, I'll just rejoice whenever nature herself surprises me with her yellows and blues. And I'll take lots of photos when she wraps them up and gives them both to me at once!

Giverny Photo Credit

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  1. I love how you went from a beautiful yellow kitchen to the beautiful yellow flower. I haven't been to Giverny, but I might have to add it to my list now!

  2. your entries lately have been exceptional, this one is no different!!

    a great perspective on the flowers, the light is beautiful!!

  3. I love it! He is one of my favorite artists and I would love to see his home and gardens!

  4. wow, those are gorgeous shots of those flowers, adrienne!

  5. My daughters have both been to Giverney. They plot and scheme how to get me---a non-flyer--there to see it. They fell in love too.

    You have an artist eye and heart to see his inspiration in the sunflower against the blue sky.

  6. I love yellow :) I love Monet :) I would love to visit his home someday .... great pics. This post just feels happy and inspiring. :)