Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Beautiful Blue Heron

My Sunday walk around Horn Pond started normally enough.
I parked and walked right to the edge of the pond.
There a few ducks (as usual) swimming around
and a couple of bright red maple leaves floating on the water.
Suddenly the big Blue Heron flew right in front of me!
I'd never seen him so close to the edge of the lot.
He set down and waded around the edge of the pond.

  Isn't he pretty?
I followed him until I couldn't see him any more, then took off walking.
As I got to the top of the first hill under the trees,
an elderly couple were stopped and staring up.
The woman said she'd seen the heron fly up to the top of the trees.
I'd seen him fly before, but never up into the trees.
Sure enough, there he was.
Posing for me!
Such a gift!
These are almost straight out of the camera.
I cropped a bit, and removed some of the leaves that were distracting.

So excited to "show off" these shots!
and  then, she {snapped}

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  1. You got some amazing shots, Adrienne! How exciting! In our area, they nest in the top of the large pines. It's not pleasant if they choose a tree in one's yard.

  2. Wow! Majestic is the word that comes to mind...along with BIG! I didn't realize how big herons are until I saw your close up pics.
    You're right...he was posing just for YOU! :)
    Thanks for sharing~

  3. Oh this is just too ironic that you have this posted today. There was a Blue Herron in my backyard yesterday...I TRIED to get close enough to take some decent shots...but I blew it and it flew away. So glad to see some close up shots of what I couldn't accomplish. Great job.

  4. WoW....i am sooooo jealous!! i would have wet my pants!!

    i also danced with a heron this weekend!! now how can i possibly share my pictures after seeing these. mine can't even compare!!

    jealous, jealous!!!

  5. Wowee! He is totally posing for you!

  6. Oh wow- that's amazing that you were able to capture it.

  7. He is so pretty. Brings me back to childhood memories of the blue herons that lived where I grew up!!

  8. What a great set of shots! I posted one from the Norfolk Botanical Gardens a week ago. . . but the difference is I only had the one shot. That is so cool that you could get so many.