Sunday, September 16, 2012

Welcome Her

On shorter days,
through cooler air,
Autumn sends her greeting.
Her colors gently kiss the edges
of the still green leaves.
She welcomes the lingering bird
who sits, wondering, atop branches all askew.
She promises fragrant offerings ~
apple pies, warm cider, crackling fires.
As her breeze stirs up the
simple falling of dying leaves,
each plant offers shades of seasons past
and hints of winter gray.
Oh, Autumn.
We welcome you.
We embrace you.
And ask that you linger long.

Joining Ashley's Scavenger Hunt,
and sharing a favorite quote with Tabitha


  1. Very creatively done, Adrienne. Love the way you have sprinkled the prompts throughout the poem. Really like the kiss shot and the final quote is one of my favourite for autumn.

  2. Nice the contrast in Fragrant!

  3. Beautiful shots - the bird is incredible.

  4. Wonderful nature shots! Love the leaf!

  5. As always, Adrienne, I'm amazed at your poetry and your photos. What a wonderful combination - welcoming Autumn!

  6. Great work - I love fragrant and plant!

  7. What a gorgeous set. I love them all.

  8. Beautiful photographs, colours are enrapturing. I am greeting

  9. all lovely. i really like your askew!

  10. This was so creative. The poetry was lovely and I really enjoyed how you incorporated the prompts in the poem and had appropriate photos that went with the poem.

    My favorites were: Kiss, Love the colors of Autumn leaves.

    Fragrant - Just a gorgeous shot.

  11. Such beautiful pictures. Here it seems we have skipped fall and gone straight to winter! ;)

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  13. What a wonderful capture, just gorgeous !

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  15. Hi Adrienne! Heather here your newest follower stopping by via scavenger. Wow I love all your shots. So gorgeous each and every one!!