Thursday, October 11, 2012


I took several hundred photographs on Sunday...of several places I've been longing to photograph.
And I've enjoyed them.
But this image is, by far, my favorite.
I love the old brick, the rusty wrought iron, the blur of the fence and the fiery fall tree in the background.
There are even a few spider webs {cob webs?} thrown in for free...and a twist tie that must have been used to hang something ...

In the colors I see autumn ~ always and forever my favorite season. The wrought iron carries me back to Savannah and time with my daughter...and back to the windows and palace gates of Paris. The old brick takes me as far back as childhood at my grandparents...and back to my favorite of all our many different homes. I see old, and weathered...two things that I'd always choose over new and polished. And I see history, events...hundreds and thousands of different things that have gone in this spot.

When you step back from this shot, you're standing in front of Harvard University. The Charles River is behind you and the picturesque bell towers stand out against the sky above you. My husband's college days were spent behind these gates...our first dates, first kiss...

In the details of this image, I can easily get carried away...simple things that evoke powerful memories which, when woven together, become the tapestry that is my bigger picture. My life.

Yet, for me, the power of this image lies not in these things.
It lies not in what I like or feel connected to when I study it.
It lies, most simply, in the taking of it.
In being where I wanted to be in that moment.
In doing what I wanted to be doing in that moment.

Perhaps, for me this week, the simple moment is the bigger picture.

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  1. That is a great photo. I love ti when you finally get to stop and snap some shots of places that have been swimming in your head a while.

  2. Well captured - I also love Autumn and can definitely see it blurred in the background :)

  3. "It lies, most simply, in the taking of it."
    Love this. This is it. Truly.

  4. Well said, Adrienne. The picture took me back to Paris....But your moment..your capture..your words..brilliant! :)

  5. Beautiful!! Both the photo and the words that accompany it.

  6. Such a beautiful photo and I love all of the memories and significance behind it!