Thursday, October 11, 2012

Under the Setting Sun

The only sound I heard was
the rustling of the fallen leaves
under my wandering feet. The air
was crisp, and as the sun
set, my fingers would have welcomed
a good pair of gloves. I
set out this evening to find
foliage...big, beautiful trees draped in
reds, oranges, yellows, greens and golds.
Yet it was, as it often
is, that in seeking one thing
I was led to another. The
trees did not disappoint. Not one
little bit. But it was the
light of this golden hour that
captivated me as it danced and
shifted and set the leaves on
fire. It seemed as if those
resting there were telling their stories.
And I enjoyed walking among them.


  1. Wow! These are some amazing shots. There is something about seeing that American flag rise up from the ground that just made me a little emotional.

  2. I think cemetries are kinda creepy but with the autumn feeling your pictures are really beautiful!

  3. Your photos are beautiful, Adrienne, and your words are perfect. Cemeteries are such interesting places. I love the angel in the golden light!

  4. Gorgeous light, wonderful images...both in the pictures and what you create with your words.

  5. There is a sense of peace in your pictures and I could almost feel the breeze and warmth from the sun. Love it.

  6. it's leaving your mind and heart open, that brings you to theses places.

    these are really beautiful adrienne, so much so that i could actually feel the crispness of the air!!