Monday, November 19, 2012

A Girl Can Dream

Don't mind me while I trespass in your back yard.
The weathered wood of your boards draw me out of the church yard, through the crunchy leaves and into your private space.
You are beautiful.
And I begin to I wander...
{wondering is the best thing about wandering}
I wonder who's hands labored to build you and how many seasons you have stood your ground under this sky. Under these trees. Did you stable horses? For a country gentleman or a war hero? How many children ran playfully through your doors, chasing their dog....chasing a ball...or chasing each other?  How many youngsters were ushered outside in the bitter cold to collect eggs and finish their chores? I wonder if any young lovers hid away here together...just a blanket, some hay and each other.

Did you pass through many seasons neglected? 
And who's loving hands restored you? 
As you stand today, in the back yard of a lovely old home, I'm longing to belong to you. To become a part of your story. I'd set up a cozy nook in your loft. A writer's nook. Under the window...a funky old secretary desk and a sink-down-deep-into-it chair. Some favorite old photos and a vintage lamp or two. The down stairs would house bold, long mismatched tables and chairs. With tool laden workbenches lining the walls and baskets stocked with colorful paper...we would craft here. Books, cards, banners, frames...we'd craft here together. Our friends who love to knit would be chatting as they sat in the comfortable couches that line the back wall. We'd make magic here together in my studio.
And memories.

And there would be parties.
Where husbands and friends and children could join us. And share in the friendship that we found in this place while we craft and chatter away. Can't you just picture the tables outside with bright table clothes and lanterns....filled with snacks and drinks and bathed in tunes and laughter that are just loud enough to entice the neighbors to join in!

Oops. Someone's coming.
Better wander off now.
A girl can dream, can't she?!!

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  1. It's a beauty of a barn. I love that transom window!

  2. The upper windows remind me of eyes watching over us and keeping us safe.

    Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. I love those pictures. As soon as I saw the barn the first thing I thought was, "what a great place for family parties".

  4. This is so well written, wow! I wanna go in that barn and sing!

  5. what a gorgeous barn to lay eyes on ... lovely shots. continue to dream ... it keeps life so interesting. Happy Thanksgiving!!! ( :

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love barns!

  7. And what a wonderful dream that is! I loved reading this - so much fun.