Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Up In the Treetops

Christmas lights in the town trees!!

We're in full on Thanksgiving mode at my place ~ sunflowers and fall colors abound.
I'll have a full house over the weekend. Food, drink, puzzles, movies...parades and football.
Don't let my excitement over soon-to-be-lit tree lights make you think I'm not looking forward to our
      Thanksgiving fun...cause I am!
Don't let the fact that I'm {secretly} listening to Christmas music in my car worry you...the turkey is waiting
      to be stuffed, and I won't turn the carols on in the house until after everyone else is completely stuffed...
Don't let the berries, pine cones, glass and glitter that I'm hoarding in the basement for Christmas crafts give
       you the idea that our Thanksgiving table won't be'll see, it will be!

Yup, we're in full on Thanksgiving mode over here....for just another couple of days!

Black and White Wednesday

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  1. I love it when the lights go up in the town. It makes the winter weather more festive.

  2. I simply adore this time of year, too ... there's so much for which to be thankful!

  3. I love this picture, and I'm finding myself rushing Christmas this year more than ever. I'm usually a wait until after Thanksgiving kind of a girl, but I already let my daughter stick up some window clings against my own rules.

  4. I'm listening to Christmas music in my car, too, Adrienne!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours - sounds like your home will be filled to the brim with blessings.