Saturday, November 17, 2012

Frosty Birthday Morn

Does that mean that I am finally playing with a full deck?
I like that idea!
I thought about listing 52 things that I "know for sure"...
...but then immediately knew I didn't know that many things for sure.
So I picked up my camera and walked out into 
my frosty birthday morning.
And knew that this day
{this year?}
was going to be about listening to my heart.
About continuing to silence the "shoulds" that still fight their way to the
surface in my mind.
About following my passions.

This morning?
A few minutes with my camera.
Some blog time.
Hot coffee.
Country Music.

This afternoon?
Craft fair!
Sharing about scrapbooking
and meeting new scrapbookers!

Date night.
This will be the 30th time we've celebrated my birthday together.
Doesn't get any better than that!

Happy Birthday to me!!

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  1. Happy birthday!
    I, too, went out to snap the frosty leaves this morning :)
    Sounds like you have a WONDERFUL day planned.
    Wishing you the best-ever day!

  2. Happy Birthday, friend! May the day and the year ahead bring you everything you are dreaming about!

  3. Happy birthday! I love the idea of finally playing with a full deck. :D

  4. Happy Birthday!
    I love your photos and your comment about the full deck. I too turned 52 this year and have been feeling need to silence the "shoulds" and follow my passions. Good luck and best wishes for a fantastic 52!

  5. Happy Birthday! Keep listening to your heart :) xo

  6. Oh my gosh...I turn 53 in about a week and I didn't even REALIZE I was playing with a full deck this past year! What a waste! haha. Happy birthday to you!

  7. What a beautiful fall morning. You are so gifted at honing in on where the beauty lies.
    In a few months I will be 52 as well and the thought that it suggests we are finally playing with a full deck really tickles me. It could explain a lot about past mistakes!
    Hope you had a wonderful day. Happy birthday!

  8. Happy birthday - it is wonderful to share your life with one person.
    Wonderful photos!

  9. Love the sparkling morning frost. Hope you had a great birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday! You are going to have an amazing year ahead of you.

  11. Adrienne, I'm so sorry for being late to wish you a Happy Birthday. (This week has been a bit busy!)
    I hope you had a wonderful celebration of YOU!