Friday, November 16, 2012

New Device ~ Old Tunes

I remember my parents' record collection.
Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.
This or that city's philharmonic orchestra.

I remember my first albums...Beatles,
Elton John, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady
and each and every Barbra Streisand.
Let's not forget Simon and Garfunkel,
Jesus Christ Superstar...A Chorus Line...

I've survived the transition from albums
to cassettes, owned a boom box,
bought Cd's and "wore" a Walkman.

Now, on the eve of my 
fifty-second birthday, I'm proud to say
I own a brand spankin' new
iPod nano. Join with my generous 
family in welcoming me to the 
21st century! And celebrate with me 
as they help me turn her
into the soundtrack of my life.


  1. Nice gift! I know you'll enjoy it.

  2. What, 52? OMG you look dozens of years younger! Happy birthday sweety, I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  3. I haven't gone there yet. Still listening to music on my computer and CD's in my car. Maybe when I get to that point, you can give me some advice!

  4. Congratulations! It's a huge step. I still remember the Disc Man. Carrying around the Nano will be nothing like that.

  5. I don't have one, but they seem to be pretty dog-gone popular! LoL!

    I've started a new meme, so don't forget to swing by Wednesday evenings around 6pm CST to link up for the new Watery Wednesday... and, of course, Mondays at the same time for Barn Charm! =)

  6. I have had an iPod for a number of years, but recently got one of those Mega ones, and loaded basically my entire life on it.

    Sometimes i just bask in Beatles or even Monkees

    such fun.

    Thanks - sounds like you and I are sound mates - you have listed many of my favorites.


  7. You will love it!! It's so freeing not to carry around a bulky CD player and sometimes it's lovely to seek out beautiful photos to take with music in your ears :)

  8. I loved how you described your musical journey - I can sure see why you'd want to get an iPod for all of it!