Thursday, November 15, 2012

No Small Thing

Christmas came early in our family this year.
In the form of a brown box with a treasure inside....a long awaited, long desired treasure.
My daughter's been nice this year...and Santa's been blessed.
So he and Mrs. Claus are spreading the joy...
{my son's been nice too...and he hasn't been forgotten...but that's a different story}

Thing is, Mr. and Mrs. Claus needed help yesterday to make this gift thing happen.
UPS needed a signature {there was, after all, treasure in the box!} and we were all stuck at work.

Good thing I have a Heidi in my life.
She's a pretty blonde elf. With a heart of gold.
She's my friend.
And when the call went out for help, she dropped what she was doing, went to my house and waited for the delivery.
And this is no small thing.
Oh, maybe technically, it was just a "little" favor. Maybe.
Thing is, having a friend, who has your back.....
Having a friend who sweats the big and small stuff right along side of you...
Having a friend who gets how much this brown box means to your daughter...
Having this kind of friend

So, when I texted my daughter, and told her not to worry, that Heidi was headed to the house to rescue her treasure...she knew it would be safe. And we were both reminded that the treasure in the box was nothing
compared to the treasure of real friendship.

Thanks, friend.

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  1. What a sweet friend! Gifts are made so much more meaningful when it takes a bunch of elfs to make them happen :)

  2. What a great friend! True, sometimes treasures don't come in boxes.

  3. Perfection! Friendship really keeps us all grounded. :) Love this.


  4. Life is made so much more rich by the inclusion of true friends.

  5. That is awesome. And the truth is, friends like that are rare - a treasure indeed!

  6. Camera's make wonderful gifts! Santa came early this year in he form of a Mark IID :)

  7. Yay for wonderful friends! Truly a blessing.

  8. So VERY true, Adrienne! Glad Heidi was there for you (and I'm betting this isn't the first time the two of you have helped each other out)!

  9. Heidis are awesome! :) So glad your sweet friend could help you out, I know how important the contents of that box are.

  10. So very well said, Adrienne. Absolutely nothing compared to the real treasure.