Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Favorite Memory

We've always been big Christmas magic believers in our family. Santa, elves...writing letters, milk and cookies...and 'Twas the Night readings every Christmas eve until the kids were well into double digits. We've been blessed through the years, to {almost} always be able to make their holiday dreams come true.

One tradition changed in 1994. That was the first year that big sister was in on the Santa secret, and helping us keep little brother out of the loop. Once dad had finished the annual story reading, and a normal amount of  giggles had been let out, it was time to get the cookies and milk ready for Santa. With a huge, somewhat toothless grin, big sister said, "Don't you think Santa gets tired of so many cookies and milk? Maybe we could leave Doritos and Coke for Santa. Just so he gets something different to eat at our house!" Well, little brother thought that was a great idea, and sprung into the kitchen to start helping me prepare a plate. As you can see in the photo, the mood was merry and bright...

Dad Santa was especially happy. You see, big sister knew that Doritos and Coke were his favorite snack!

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  1. Definitely a great tradition!!

  2. How sweet. Love the pic and the lovely story of Doritos and coke:)

  3. :D
    Sounds like a great tradition, and definitely a wonderful photo.

  4. How fun to be able to see their faces as you told the story. She looks quite pleased with herself!