Thursday, January 17, 2013


In the middle of a work day, while running my typical work errands - post office, photo pick up, stocking up on pens and pencils - I pulled my car into a parking space that it's occupied many times. Right in front of me was a large stick, that seemed to have fallen from a huge tree, and landed, stuck - perfectly balanced - on this side fence. I pulled out the old iPhone, snapped a pic and instagrammed it...instantly!

I loved the notion that this stick just landed there like this. One of those things it would take a while to do if one stood there, stick in hand, trying to get it to balance perfectly. Not to mention how many hundreds of tries it would take if one climbed a really tall ladder and tried to drop it in just the right way so it would land like that!

As you can tell, the image of the balancing stick stuck with me. Partly, I suppose, because I don't like this notion of seeking "balance" in life. Or, perhaps, I don't like the fuss made about it...the stress over the pursuit of some illusive, suburban myth of an idea that might not even be attainable. Perhaps attainable...but sustainable? I think not!

My fifty some years have shown me that sometimes there's a bit of balance - often during times when we choose to let go of a few things and try to juggle less. And it's those out of balance patches that push us to make choices, to recognize our priorities and to learn more about who we are. Some of the greatest blessings, in fact, throw us the most off balance....those pesky new homes, new jobs. And then there's the pain that comes that can upend all sense of normal...pain of loss, illness...betrayal. Over time, we are all "out of balance" through many moments, months and stages of our lives.

I wonder, in fact, if that proverbial happiness butterfly might not have a close cousin. The balance know, that butterfly. The one which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp. But, if we will sit down quietly, may alight upon us. I wonder.

I went back to see if the stick was still there yesterday. Yes, I actually went back to check on the stick. Sure enough, the dusting of snow was not enough to disrupt it's balance - just made the whole picture even prettier! I've enjoyed carrying this image with me. Pondering the notion....the non-pursuit of balance. It's lightened my step a bit - and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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  1. adrienne, i really enjoyed this entry primarily because you see things that everyone else misses. i would NOT have really noticed that stick or given much thought to it!! and although it is a stricking image, i would not have photographed that stick.

    you have great insight adrienne, i strive for balance in my everyday life and i always hope i have acheived balance in my life.

    my persuit of that balance does not feel as though it's weighing me down, but now i'm going to ponder it further!!

  2. I love your musings on this. Often balance comes at a cost, when we give up one thing to attain another.

    But I also try to find a balance in raising my girls and nurturing my own growth. Sometimes it's difficult to do both, but sometimes one feeds into the other.

  3. I love this. Yes, I have definitely found that the more I pursue a balanced lifestyle, the more things seem askew. It seems that when I just follow the flow of life and the tugs in my heart, I find that I am always doing exactly what I am meant to be doing in that particular moment and, just like your stick, everything seems to fall right into place.

  4. What wise words today Adrienne! I especially loved your point that sometimes our biggest blessings are ones that throw our balance off....such as babies. :) I think I have different "butterflies" which I chase but I definitely agree with your point that the happiness and balance butterflies are close relatives. I think we could name a few more of that clan if we tried!
    You had a wonderful pairing of words and pics today. Loved it~

  5. I think we can try too hard and then we inadvertently keep that balance butterfly from landing. What we need to do is be more like that stick...don't be afraid of the fall because we know He will catch us.

  6. Hmm...I'm not sure if balance is totally elusive, but maybe it is difficult to have it all the time. But I wonder if maybe what a lot of people call balance is really just a sense of not feeling overwhelmed or harried, or doing just the things you want to do instead of wasting time and energy on things we don't like - which is frustrating, but not exactly the same thing as seeking balance, which I view as meaning something more like "everything in moderation."

    I do agree, though, that it is counterproductive to force ourselves to keep calm if it means we don't acknowledge our true feelings or allow ourselves to feel anxious, stressed, annoyed, or afraid.

    I like your words here though "the non-pursuit of balance." Thank you for giving me pause to think about this!