Friday, January 18, 2013

Six Word Fridays: Knit

Build me a fire and knit
me a throw. Hand me a
long, winding tale to carry me
far away. Close the doors and
shut out the chill. Warm the 
soup and pour me something fancy.

I hope it snows for days.

My Memory Art
Won't you join us?!


  1. What a pretty snow picture.

  2. Me too - if it is going to be cold, we should be covered the pretty white stuff no? You writing makes me smile.

  3. I feel that I leave the same comment to each of your posts, Adrienne!
    Your writing always amazes me and that last photo is breathtaking!

  4. Such a cozy post!! Is it snowing where you are?! It's not over here... I want to see the snow! :)

  5. Beautiful snow and inviting fire! Looks like a good time at your place!

  6. i am still waiting for the snow, no show so far. i long to be snowed in, for days and days!!

    2 beautiful images adrienne!! i had something different planned but when i took this picture today, this came to me...

    thanks for hosting!!

  7. You have made this Winter Girl's heart green with envy!

  8. Love this... Makes me wish this winter actually produced snowfall!