Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter Market

"We wander for distraction,
but we travel for fulfillment."
Hilaire Beloc

There's a place right down the street from my house -
It's a nursery, it's a shop, it's a market.
It's a wonderful place to wander.

Under the bright afternoon sun, 
I pulled in...found a place to park...
and began to walk around.

There's a lovely old auto,
from the early days of the nursery,
that sits outside one of it's greenhouses.

Half the reason I go to the market
is to people watch.
My favorite are the little groups of  'old lady' friends.

My favorite find today was
recycled glassware.
Plates, bowls...really pretty.

And there are lots of baskets...
{some filled with fruit}

{some filled with flowers}

{and plenty waiting to be filled}

Local goodies
and some good ol' fashioned team spirit!
Love this place!

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  1. Oh, that old car is gorgeous! I just love places like that. Thanks for sharing with us; I can see why it's a favorite place to explore (and people watch).

  2. Looks like a delightful place !

  3. Your photos are so lovely! A winter market...yes! Discovered your blog through the Scavenger Hunt...I look forward to reading more!

  4. How cool! I love that you were able to tell a story with the scavenger hunt words. Very nice collection, thanks for sharing!

  5. ooohhhh def my kinda place!! i could wander here all day long!! & i do adore when the local business show their team support!! is it still football season?!?! hehe

    so tell us, what jumped in to your basket and came home with you!!

  6. Oh, what a lovely place to spend your day...I could wander around there for hours and people watch too. Great series!

  7. What a great place to hang out. Beautiful and full of photo ops. Love that old Auto.

  8. Are you kidding me?! You took all five shots in one place in one day?! That takes skills. I am impressed. Little old lady friends are so much fun to observe.

  9. Outstanding post, I love greenhouses and nurseries and markets like yours. Great finds and they don't charge to take photographs.

  10. these are all fabulous, what a great place to spend the day. Love the picture of all the baskets together waiting to be filled with goodies.

  11. Oh would I love to visit a place like this...and great captures while you were there!!

  12. great job. I love when I'm able to take all five pictures in one place. Of course, that sort-of kills the fun in searching all week. Love the PEOPLE WATCHING... have a fabulous week.

  13. did an awesome job this week. It's very difficult to pick out a favorite.

    I do love the people shot and the basket of apples!

    Happy hunting next week! :-)

  14. Fun place! I really enjoy a good farmers market. Neat antique car that you found. Hope you brought home some good finds! The glassware is what would be a draw for me.

  15. These are all fantastic - I just love the antique car and could absolutely see myself enjoying the people watching at the market.

  16. A place I'd love to take my time and explore :)


  17. Markets are among my favorite people watching places, and you can find all sorts of other photo opportunities there as well. Well done.

  18. Looks like a beautiful place to visit and spend an afternoon.

    Great shots!