Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Red

I love winter reds.
oh, sure...
soft spring reds,
saucy summer reds and
fiery fall reds
know how to charm us...
no lack of beauty there.

But I love the winter reds.
The misfit reds.
The standout reds.
The against all odds reds.

Can't freeze them out.
Can't bury them completely.
They just appear, as if from no where,
to remind us of all the life that's
brewing under the surface...
to remind us to find beauty today.
Beige and brown and gray and white beauty.
And some berry beauty.

Yeah, I love the winter reds

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  1. I love the last picture with the white fluffy snow. I love the collection of reds from all the seasons. Simply beautiful.

  2. Love your winter reds! So pretty against the snow and ice!

  3. WoW adrienne, these are beautiful and oh so special!!

    you really have the eye for photography!!

    yeah, i love the winter reds also!!

  4. Me too! Beautiful captures and how awesome that you recognized this simple beauty and highlighted it.

  5. Beautiful. I'm a big fan of red. :)

  6. Your pictures always make me smile. My kitchen window faces a thick patch of timber and I love seeing the cardinals perched on the snowy trees. Yes, winter reds are beautiful!

  7. Lovely red reminders that life is still vibrant in the frozen winter winds. Great post.

    Stopping over from Mama Kat.

  8. That is why RED is such a goes with everything :)

  9. These are gorgeous photos! And I love what you say about them being against all odds reds. What a lovely thought!

  10. Out of all the tiny thumbnails on Mama Kat's page I was drawn to this bright red berry. I picked you without even knowing I was picking you!

  11. The "misfit reds". Love that last photo especially!

  12. Beautiful! I especially love the bottom shot.

    Living in Paris for 12yrs must have been amazing. I'd love to live in France for a couple of years or more but it's not possible right now. (after lots of trying to make it happen). :-)

  13. Oh this is beautiful. I love the reds and other unexpected pops of color that appear amongst the winter grays.

    Also such beautiful pictures, I wish I could capture ice so's so beautiful.

  14. Your photos are gorgeous... thank you for sharing them.