Saturday, March 9, 2013

More Week End Wandering

"Everywhere is within walking distance
if you have the time."
Steven Wright

The word of the day?
Today was for walking...
...from Copley, down Boyleston St. to the Public Gardens and back up Newbury St. to the Prudential Center.
Another Saturday with no schedule.
Just made for a long walk.

 Here's the Trinity Church, the pointy, old John Hancock building and the shiny, new John Hancock building.

 Don't you love how these reflections wiggle a bit in between panes of glass?

Another reflection, more wiggle.

 The best thing about today? Sharing so much time with my guy - playing tourist, talking...

 He was so patient with all my picture taking...and even did a little of his own!

Don't you just LOVE this glass tower? 
It seems to change shape as you walk around it.
And, from every angle, the city's history is brilliantly reflected back for us. 

Heading down toward the public garden, I had to snap this shot - since I found an obvious #5.

Though the grounds in the garden were still snow covered, 
up in the trees we saw buds, heard lots of chirping birds and noticed birds that were snacking on berries.
Sure signs of spring!

And, as all good tourists do, we rewarded ourselves with some freshly baked cookies...
...all tourists do that, right?

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  1. What a beautiful day! Everything looks so fresh. Loving all of the reflections you captured.

  2. I agree the reflections are lovely.

    The cookies look yummy.

  3. Okay, it's official...I need to get myself back to Boston! What a great city!!!

  4. Boston looks cool and it's a good thing that they have old buildings left !!! to know the city history is very important and old buildings are beautiful.
    I like most your sharing and wiggle photos !!! Cool, modern and beautiful topics ! And those birds are adorable

  5. Love these! Copley is so fun because of all the reflections! I'm heading to the south end later to explore with my friends and camera!

  6. I love this, love Boston. I wish I was there.

  7. Very nicely themed photo set. Well done indeed. Love Trinity Church.

  8. I love Boston and how in and around Market Square there is a harmony of historic with contemporary - largely through reflection. Thank you for the trip back.

  9. I really like the shot of the bird with the berries, and your reflection shots. Looks like a wonderful day!

  10. Boston is a GREAT place to photograph! Sounds like a wonderful day. Lovely photos!

  11. Fabulous set. Those "Wiggle" shots of the buildings were very cool. Looks like you both had a great time and hey, cookies are a great tourist idea.

  12. Wonderful post, you get the prize for the best use of glass!

  13. gosh, if you are walking in the snow, you should be rewarded with a cookie with your afternoon tea or coffee. Loved all the pictures of the buildings in Boston... I even recognize some of them (having only been there three times - for a day trip). Great post.

  14. We had thought of going to Boston for part of our break, wish we had, but glad to live vicariously through you! Beautiful pictures.

  15. What a nice post, walking with your guy playing tourist. I did that recently in my own home town with my hubby and it's amazing how taking pictures of your own home town can be so much fun when you act like you have never been there before. :) All great pictures, and wonderful interpretations! Good job!

  16. yes, all tourists do get cookies. How fun! I loved looking at all of your pictures and how fun that you get to share all of that with your husband.

  17. you captured everything beautifully!! my favorite reflection, the one of you and hubby!!

  18. Looks like fun! Aren't we lucky to be so in love with our guys?