Monday, March 11, 2013

In Like a Lion.....

....Out Like a Lamb

They say that about March.
Here in Boston, we could say that about this past week!
Rainy, cloudy, miserable yuck....became major snow storm....and we were almost knee deep in winter.

But then, the weekend.
The Weekend
We had a delicious "taste of spring" weekend in our neck of the woods.
It was SO refreshing!
The ground may be saying winter,
but the air and the buds on the trees and the singing birds??
True harbingers of good things to come.

Hubby and I took another long walk on Saturday...

Are two weekends in a row enough to say we have a tradition? 
I'd say the beginnings of one.
And it's one I would very much like to nurture and continue!

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  1. The little signs are all around. New growth in the garden, buds on trees, and warmer air are very present in the south. I love how the robin is checking you out!

  2. Oh I hope that is a beginning of a new tradition. That would be delightful, right? We have melted snow- but even with "warmer" weather I know that we'll have one or two more dumps of big snow before spring springs here. Michigan- meh. blah. I'm over winter.

    WHICH is exactly why I loved seeing your robin pictures. Delightful! And the weeping willow is beautiful, too.

    Happy Monday!

  3. The weather was so great, right!? I was out in the South End soaking up the sun - it felt so good!

  4. There are sure a lot more signs of spring there than I have seen here in the Midwest. But I could feel the promise in the air this weekend.
    I love your shots of your little bird friend.

  5. Love the shots of the birds and of the berries or flowerings on the tree. Beautiful!

  6. Great captures of that Robin sitting on the branch with the berries. Wicked Good :)

  7. The shot of that Robin is amazing! Wow!

  8. Your pictures make my heart so happy that spring will come and everything will turn green and the sun will return after the darkness of winter.

  9. that makes it a tradition for sure!!

    great shots of the robin, we had some amazing weather this weekend also!!

  10. You always have the best nature shots! Love these glimpses of your weekend!

  11. Two weeks in a row = definite tradition. We're the opposite here, the week seems to be sunny and gorgeous and then the weekend is cold and rainy.

  12. Yes, I also have spring fever. Love your robin photos - he was definitely posing!

  13. Fantastic bird shots! Love that huge tree--is it a weeping willow?

  14. That robin looks very curious - great shots!

  15. I see Spring on the horizon!! Glad you got some sunshine in Boston. You've had way too much snow.

  16. I am dying over your awesome bird picks! they are incredible!!!