Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Black & White Wednesday: three little things

There are three little things around my house making me happy right now.

"Seche Vite" A miraculous top coat that I've discovered for my nails. Not only does it really, really, really, actually, totally dry minutes after you put it on....it preserves my manicure for days. If you do your own nails, it's a MUST try!

"Mail Boxes" I guess I should say mail baskets. And I know - who {other than me} hasn't used the basket on the stair trick... Well, it's new here. The son and the husband each have their own basket. I get home, check the mail and toss it into their spot - and forget about it! Clutter-be-gone!

"Writing Corner" The one room in the house that looks out over a deck, our yard and a tree filled hill is the dining room. So, I moved my desk into the corner...right next to the big sliding glass door. And made a little 'nook' for myself! It's a pretty spot to sit. Funny how just a little bit of furniture moving makes me so happy.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of "Seche Vite". Been using it for years...saving one manicure after another :)

  2. I don't polish my finger nails; just my toe nails, but that sounds like great stuff :)

    My mail basket is overflowing with the mail that needs shredding. My husband gets the mail most days, so he just grabs what's his and leaves me the rest.

    I love your desk. I have a similar type of writing desk, only mine is a light wood and it is Mission style. When we move, I am picking a good view for my desk, too.

  3. such a cute little nook, for writing and creating. my dining room "is" my home office, my office office, my blogging/scrapbooking room....and is used for all things creative!!

    because of the windows and light, it just made more sense.

    it can still be used for dinning so i really get my money's worth from this room, that otherwise did not get that much use!!

  4. Must try the top coat! Thanks for that! I love the stair baskets, and I probably should start doing that for all the stuff everyone else can't seem to put away. ;)

  5. Lovely monochrome photos. They have such great contrast balance.

  6. Mm, you've inspired me to get a manicure - my poor nails. Love the mail box idea!

  7. I love your nook for writing :)

  8. I'll have to try that top coat - if it's available in our area. If not, I'll have to order online!

  9. I saw the words "Writing Corner" and thought, Ah...where the magic happens!