Thursday, June 13, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Peace

To camp in the woods on
a sunlit day. Leaves catch light
as the breeze whistles its tune.
A campfire {ahhhh, the crackling campfire}
sends smoke to dance on sunbeams.
Insects buzz all around, birds chime
in from above and critters scratch
and scamper through the dry leaves.
Coffee perks on the coleman and
a brook babbles through the clearing.

This symphony, this pleasing forest symphony,
is sweet music to my soul.
Nature works her magic, and in
the midst of all these sounds
she leaves me bathed in silence.

Peace. Peace is waiting in the
woods. Waiting to serenade all who 
enter with her songs of silence.

My Memory Art


  1. that streaming light is amazing!!!

  2. I feel this way about the beach. But I do love a crackling campfire! Lovely collage, almost makes me want to camp :)

  3. I also love being in the wood. I spent almost all my days there when I was a girl.

  4. oh....the beams of light are so beautiful!!

    i am not a camper but i do love a walk in the woods!!

    have a happy sunday!!