Thursday, August 8, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Play

Childhood summers, beach chairs low to
the ground...I'd sit, with toes
in the sand...or toes in
the ocean....and work my puzzles.

I see my dad, his yellow
number two, his folded newspaper and
that crease of concentration that forms
as he searches for each answer.

Monday mornings, alone in a Paris
cafe....just me, the grand creme,
the croissant...and the Sunday crossword.

Countless airplane trips, high above worries
and far from to-dos, with pencil
in hand, I enjoy a crossword.

So, when you want to make
me happy...Find me a quiet
corner, a pencil and a smooth,
hot cup of coffee. Then leave
me with this week's Sunday puzzle
and let me play with words!

My Memory Art


  1. So beautiful! The first picture is gorgeous!!

  2. I wish I could get into crossword puzzles! Lovely shots!

  3. My great aunt May did the NY Sunday Times cross word every single day till she was 100 years old! I love the picture with the coffee cup and the puzzle. Very nice work.

  4. Beautiful photo and memories to store in your heart. I too love a good cup of coffee, as I play Words with Friends on my Ipad. Thanks for sharing with us, Adrienne and giving us a place to share. Have a great weekend.

  5. LOVE this, Adrienne. I too love word puzzles and often take them on long road trips or take a bath and work them! Something else we have in common!

  6. perfection adrienne, the first image, peace and tranquility!!