Friday, August 30, 2013

Six Word Fridays ~ Question

{otherwise known as personal pep talk}

When life gives a moment's pause,
and I listen to the many
questions that circle about me and
swirl within, what do I hear?

Why me? What's missing? What could
have been if only I had....?
These are the looking back questions.
The second guessing and negative questions.
I admit, I hear them - and
dwell upon them....way too much.

I'd rather have a heart full
of 'face-life-head-on' questions.
So what? Now what? What's next?
Is it working? Is it effective?
What will matter in 100 years?

If the situation were never to
change, what is the one quality
I'd need to really enjoy it?

Positive, empowering and life affirming questions.
I'll be asking more of these.

So....even though moving forward can
leave me slightly off balance, fighting
for those positive questions and thoughts
settles me. Who knows? Might even
give me the courage to fly!

My Memory Art


  1. Oh what a cute series with this little bird. I hope you find the balance and courage to fly!

  2. Just perfect. That little bird illlustrates your words beautifully.

  3. Beautiful!!!!! What a bright little birdie!

  4. handsome little man!! looks like my deck rail here at the jersey shore!!

    wait till you read mine, i put it together 3 days ago. i kno we are NOT opposites!!!

    have a rockin' weekend adrienne. i hope you get to see your little ones ;)

  5. I love your life affirming questions. I need to bookmark this one!

  6. we all need the courage to fly! Or at least to get off the fence.

  7. Beautiful photography and fun Friday link ~ maybe next week ~ not sure my Friday post is appropriate ~ thanks, carol, xo

  8. A delight and I hope you fly :)