Thursday, October 24, 2013


These blustery days are bringing that change that leads us towards the frosty days of winter. There's a real chill in the air, and everywhere I look there are leaves dancing across sidewalks, lawns, streets, ponds and air. Each "sky line" looks just a bit different these days. Some trees are still full of green leaves. Others are fading to brown. Many of the grand limbs are ablaze with color. A midst all of this, there are already many trees who have lost all of their leaves.

I watch as the landscape changes day to day. I'm struck by the watercolor tableau...and by the thought that our world is being decorated one leaf at a time. As with the artist's painting, where each stroke, each tiny dab of color, combines to give us their entire vision, so it is with fall. No two trees are exactly the same. Every leaf has its place...finds the sun light, feels the cold and yields to the winds in his own time. My mind wanders from the tree tops to the friends I have, the people I love...the individuals that color my world.

I'm very glad that we are all so different. Each finding the light in our own time, our own way. Each walking, one day at a time, through they myriad of emotional ups and downs that life sends our way. Each learning to yield to the winds of change at our own pace.

And each vital to mye colorful, ever changing landscape.

Joining Kim for Little Things Thursday


  1. you always know just what to say, and just how to say it!!

    we had to turn the heat on, i fought it as long as i could ;(

    your image is beautiful!!

  2. Such beautiful poetic words! I love the way you write, and express yourself. Autumn really is such an inspirational time that causes one to ponder.

  3. such a lovely time of the year right now

  4. beautiful image and beautiful words ... we are all beautiful....:)

  5. There was that chill in the air yesterday - I call it my "snow feeling" when you sense things are changing!

    And last night!! When the pitcher dropped that ball. Oh man! 1 down!!

  6. What a beautiful photo, and you have such a way with they just dance from pen to paper.

  7. I love this photo!

    the Fall colors get me every year :)