Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We don't live in a dangerous area.
It's what anyone would call a "nice suburb."
And yet...
The young woman who lives in the apartment downstairs from my daughter was assaulted two weeks ago. By an ex who's now in prison. And less than half a mile from her place, there was a murder-suicide yesterday. A family...twin boys who hadn't celebrated their first birthday. Both parents gone...rumors are they were going through a nasty divorce.

All I could think yesterday...this morning...was how much I want this world we live in to be a gentler place. For people to be clothed in kindness and to learn and exercise self-restraint.

Today, I'm praying for gentleness. First, that it characterize me. And then for the whole wide world.

"Let the gentle bush dig its root deep 
and spread upwards to split the boulder."
Carl Sandburg

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  1. So sad to hear something like that..

  2. That news last night was so sad and scary - Arlington is such a small and quiet place. So sad.

  3. Gosh how horrible! These things are so hard to understand. Yes, the world needs to be a little more loving and gentle with each other. So sad.

  4. Oh my, so sad. I can't even turn on my TV...my heart just can't stand it. Yes, what a grand thought...that kindness will characterize me today, especially as we head to the Childrens hospital for another infusion day, a long one. Your photo is beautiful!

  5. WoW adrienne, that just makes my heart hurt. i can't imagine the pain people must suffer. the help they need and do not receive. the lives touched (including yours) that will never be the same.

    i never watch the news, i never know what's going on. sad but true, my energy, my mind is always somewhere else.

    a beautiful entry and image!!

  6. Praying with you. Beautiful words.

  7. We have experienced a couple different phases of life like that. It makes you start to question if the whole world has gone mad. Then things settle down and you let your defenses down again. But, oh, when you are in the midst, life sure does feel uncertain.

  8. You're right. The world needs gentleness. And while we can't block out all the sadness, we can resolve to be more kind and gentle. My dad was my greatest example of gentleness. Everyone he met loved him because of that.

  9. Great post, yes we need gentleness in all parts of our lives.

    I lead a suburban life but even I have a friend in prison serving life with parole for first degree murder. We have had three murders within 600 feet of our house in the last 10 years and so on.