Monday, November 18, 2013

What do you see?

I see family.
A familiar card game, hours of uninterrupted time together.
A puppy who cant quite make sense of a glass table.
And the puppy's uncle and grandpa who enjoyed teasing him and confusing him.

I hear laughter.
That familiar sound coming from two kids who bring out the comedic side of their dad.
And that giggle that comes when their inside jokes go right over our heads.
Or the "HA!" that comes when they quote something, or finish a complete unison.
I hear memories relived, dreams shared...I hear life stories being told.

Maybe the nicest thing about my day yesterday was knowing that we've got hours more of this right around the bend. With Thanksgiving {read more family time} only two weeks away, I didn't have one single melancholy moment wondering when we'd all be together next {yes, I know I shouldn't do this, but I do!} I'm tellin' you, this mama's heart needed a large dose of these sights and sounds

I woke up today so profoundly grateful that I got to spend my whole birthday in my happy place.
That right-in-the-heart-of-my-family happy place.

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  1. Wonderful post... heartfelt memories and hopes...

  2. it's your perfect day adrienne!! so happy you got to see those two wonderful kiddos, that make your soul sing!!

    and the puppy....he's gained a pretty big spot in that heart of yours!!

  3. Sounds like an amazing time! I love how the pup is trying to be a part of the action. Darn glass table top.

  4. I love this. We are so simpatico on this topic! I am glad your day was terrific.